Lessons given since 1995

David Cabezas (guitar, bass, uke, drums) - Guitar, Bass

Mr. Cabezas has been a Guitar instructor since 2009. He is a graduate musician with a Bachelor’s Degree in Contemporary Music, obtained at the San Fransisco University in South America, a University that has a partership with Berkley College of Music. David Cabezas has played and toured with several bands of different styles, in South America, and Europe. Also, David worked on Cruise Ships for 4 years, where he visited several countries around the world, and got to work in many different stages and Theatres. He is currently the lead guitar player of the local Metal band Mastiv, performing 2 to 3 times a month in multiple venues. David has been teaching, providing particular lessons that include the instrument itself, music theory, and stage performance, since he graduated university in 2009.