Lessons given since 1995

Lindsey Gallagher (piano) - Piano

My professional private teachig began in 2008. I first started my musical journey at the age of 7, with the dream of one day learning chopsticks on the piano… Now 20 years later, I have surpassed those accomplishments ranging from a Carnegie hall performer to placing 1st place in BOA grand national marching band champion (AQUA 2006).  I was raised primarily classically trained in piano, but opened my mind to the world of jazz in 2008 attending UNLV on a full-ride music scholarship.
Settling down into a teaching career, it is my goal to help my students create what motivates them most- starting with simple chords of favorite songs and progressing through the technical skills of a performance professional.  I  recognize that everyone loves music for a different reason, my job is to find your reason and give you access to the knowledge and skills to create it.